Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The States in Worst Shape...

...the whole sprawl-induced, housing crisis is pretty widespread across the country. Indeed, this list of the states in the most financial trouble (ugh! it includes Daily Sprawl's home state of Alabama) represents every region of the country:
The list of states in trouble is 29 on the way to 50. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is reporting 29 States Faced Total Budget Shortfall Of At Least $48 Billion In 2009.

Washington, California, and New York have all recently acted. Every other state will eventually follow to varying degrees.

The worst states as a percentage of budget gaps vs. general funds are in order: California (21.3%), Arizona (17.8%), Nevada (13.5%), Rhode Island (12.6%), Florida (11.0%), New York (9.1%), New Jersey (7.6-10.6%), and Alabama (9.2%).

Those eight states are already in deep trouble. Another 21 are in less trouble.
Click here for the entire report.