Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oil Price Update...

...the Naked Capitalism blog has an interesting update on the current state of all things Oil-Priced:
The bad thing about the volatility in oil prices is that it is an impediment to moving to new sources. The Financial Times, in an editorial last year, stressed the importance of having a stable price for carbon to facilitate the transition to cleaner sources. But as much as the runup of oil to nearly $150 a barrel led to conservation in advanced economies (which is far and away the biggest opportunity over the short to intermediate term), the sudden drop to almost $110 leaves open the possibility that it might retreat further (which this article contends will happen later in the year), which would call the viability of alternative energy into question and may also lead to more consumer use (at a minimum, airlines may be able to lower prices and add flights although their nickel and diming is no doubt here to stay).