Thursday, August 7, 2008

Goodbye Airline Seats?

At least 60 million will be grounded according to this article:
Airlines are set to make the reduction, the equivalent of one in every 14 seats, in response to high oil prices and the global credit crisis, according to the Official Airline Guide (OAG). Reduced availability is almost certain to force up ticket prices.

In all there will be 59.7m fewer tickets available compared to October-December last year. Routes will be scrapped at 275 airports around the world and 3,500 fewer planes will be needed, according to the OAG. While Europe will suffer the loss of 5.5m seats, America will be worst hit, with a reduction of about 20m.
The effects of Peak Oil continue to wreak havoc on both the airline and auto industries. The biggest difference is that the auto industry can adapt to a greater degree with electric-powered cars.

For the airline industry, that is practically not an option. So, as we've said before, use those SkyMiles and WorldPerks while you can...