Thursday, February 21, 2008

Miami Opts to Introduce...

...its extensive Miami 21 development code rewrite all at once instead of in phases:
Some Miami residents and commissioners have gotten their wish. Miami 21, the city's proposed new zoning code and blueprint for growth, is to be rolled out through the whole city rather than section by section.
One hitch: the new arrangement means it will be at least eight months before the plan can be implemented.
It's been in the works since 2005.
Consultants Duany Plater-Zyberk had been designing the blueprint by quadrant, beginning with the city's eastern section, which includes downtown and Brickell.
The process drew criticism from commissioners representing other areas, who feared their residents would be left out of the planning process that eastern quadrant residents were privy to.
Some worried also that having two different zoning codes — Miami 21 in the east and the current code in the rest of the city — could cause confusion and allow developers in other areas to continue building under current rules.
Read the whole story about this Smart Growth-friendly code here.