Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daily Sprawl Recommends...

If smart growth and sprawl are important issues for you, the good news is that Daily Sprawl has reviewed both the proposals and previous actions of all the major candidates--both Republican and Democrat.

While many of them promoted sprawl solutions that Daily Sprawl also embraces, we have nevertheless concluded that the best candidate to address smart growth/sprawl issues--based on his record and his proposals--is Mitt Romney.

In particular, during his governorship in Massachusetts, he made some strong strides toward reducing suburban sprawl growth.

You can read more here:
The Republican governor led the fight to control sprawl and bring more affordable housing to the Bay State with groundbreaking laws and a dramatic reorganization of state agencies. In 2003, he combined transportation, housing, environmental and energy agencies into a super-agency, charged it with stopping runaway suburban growth, then appointed a Democrat environmentalist to run it. By comparison, Connecticut is still nibbling around the edges of smart growth.
A final point: this recommendation does not necessarily mean that we are voting for Mr. Romney. Only that, on issues of sprawl and smart growth, his track record and proposals are the strongest among all of the major candidates in both parties.