Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Electric Costs of Sprawl...

This situation could get dicey for D.C. and beyond:
Electric power has already become painfully expensive in Washington and its suburbs. Now, local utilities say, it could become something even worse: scarce.

With its humming data centers and air-conditioned mansions, the region is using 18 percent more electricity than in 2001. And as demand has gone up, so have prices. Some homeowners have seen their rates jump by half or more.

Utility and government officials say the region has to face the idea that its demand for electricity could overtake the supply. In a little more than three years, they say, lights could flicker off in rolling blackouts.
Note: this article is from the Washington Post and not some random blog. Meaning that, they would not likely be reporting such significant issues without feeling very confident about their sourcing.

Stay tuned.