Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Fast Food Update...

...starting May 1st, the Daily Sprawl family joined on with a 3 Month Long "No Fast Food Pledge".

The reasons were several-fold: 1. Fast food is generally bad for you (hormone, antibiotic, and preservative-laced food that is especially bad for children) 2. Fast food is generally bad for the environment (excessive packaging using unsustainable products) and 3. Fast food is generally bad for the local economy (as it rarely uses local products and, on average, pays less than local businesses).

Most of all, it was the health factors that really convinced us.

Before doing so, we talked about how this could potentially cost us more to eat and its effect on our budget.

However, now that we're one month into it, we're excited to announce that we've actually spend less money. Here's how:

1. We've eaten out less and, instead, packed picnic lunches when we go places (especially on road trips where we stop at rest areas and enjoy a relaxing picnic in place of a hectic interstate exit fast food joint

2. We've found good deals on non-fast food places in town. Restaurants like Zoe's Kitchen, Moe's, Chappy's Deli, and Roly Poly can be nearly as cost-effective if you use coupons (especially from the web) and other discounts (like free kids dining or discounts with church bulletins on Sunday)

All in all, we encourage anyone to contact us at on how to sign up for a No Fast Food Pledge that advances alot of good things without hurting the family budget.