Monday, October 22, 2007

More Destructive Results of Auto-Centric Development

Why can't the students of one Texas high school walk to school, even though they live close enough to do so?

Because the city has developed so poorly that walking would be considered a "hazard":
Students close to high school to get bus rides

A “hazardous traffic condition” designation for the two-mile area around San Marcos High School will soon make bus transportation available to students who live within its boundaries.

District trustees said this week that students who live near the new San Marcos High School might be in danger if they walk to school.

With the district’s designation of the area as hazardous, students living in that vicinity will be provided with bus transportation to and from school.

“We feel that those kids in that radius will be walking to school and we’d rather them not,” said Rene Barajas, assistant superintendent.

The school is located at the intersection of McCarty Lane and Highway 123, neither of which have sidewalks.

School officials said no injuries or problems have been reported to date, but by declaring the area as hazardous, the district will receive some state funding to help provide transportation for those students.