Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Daily Sprawl is Considering...

Well, it doesn't take much of an I.Q. to see that the federal government is spending like a mall rat with their parents credit card in hand. It's really quite startling when you consider the actual numbers.

To do so, check out these videos which explain the math in interesting but basic terms.

A couple of things before you do though:

1. These videos are based on math, not partisanship. That's key because, like many, Daily Sprawl is independent. No party-carrying cards here. So, while watching, view the facts presented independently without political assumptions or biases. Doing so will lead to the second curious point...

2...of the last five Presidents, there was one Administration and Congress that spent much less than others. Can you guess? Reagan (nope). Bush One or Two (wrong again). Obama (no way so far).

That leaves Clinton. Now I'm not a big fan of Clinton but the math is the math. It does not lie. Meaning that, when it comes to fiscal restraint--that Administration and that Congress were the most frugal since, well, Truman.

Anyhow, take a look. It's quite starting where the current Administration is taking federal spending.