Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fighting Asthma and Other Respiratory Problems...

Did you know that many common household products can exacerbate various breathing problems such as asthma? Yet another reason to get rid of chemical-based cleaners and bodycare products.

This recent article from the Seventh Generation blog does a good job framing the issue:
Case in point is a new study from Johns Hopkins, which finds that the risk of asthma rises with the increase in air pollution inside the home. The study is one of many that have recently connected the quality of the air kids are breathing at home with the number of emergency room visits they make for asthma attacks.
On that same topic, Daily Sprawl recently ran across a fantastic-sounding air purifier product while doing research for another article. Check out the Paralda by Alen Corp. (image above) and the interesting and important story behind its founder and his family's battle with childhood respiratory challenges.

A very compelling example of how its time to ditch the chemicals--if for no other reason than to reduce the threats to our childrens' health...