Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disney World Advocates Commuter Rail?

In addition to sprawl-related blogging, writing, and research, I also write columns covering the amusement industry. Here is one set of examples.

I note that because the two worlds recently collided a bit when Disney World's President, Meg Crofton, wrote an op-ed in the Orlando Sentinel voicing support for the proposed SunRail commuter rail line in Orlando.

This is significant for several reasons such as the fact that--to varying degrees--both the government and Disney have been hesitant in the past to support various commuter and/or light rail efforts.

This very clear and open support of SunRail by Disney will be interesting to follow. After all, when the region's largest employer (over 50k employees) comes out for something--that's a pretty big boost to the project's prospects.