Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Calls for "Stimulating Sprawl"...

This time a quartet of large Democratic governors are leading the charge for $350 billion worth of federal fake money to build and repair roads and bridges:

My response is simple: when are we going to get some freaking non-idiots to run our governments. The Republicans screwed it up in one direction and now the Democrats are aiming to do the same in the opposite direction.

Where are the people listening to the Mish Shedlock's and Karl Denninger's who have been consistently correct on economic issues. We seem predestined to either finance sprawl with fake money or fake credit. This is very troubling in a macro sense.

p.s. Caveat: I voted for neither major candidate. This is not intended as any type of partisan comment (other than noting that almost all the partisans seem to be losing their minds).