Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A good many readers have asked Daily Sprawl to predict where all things peak energy and peak credit are headed. Well, we love parlor games as much as the next blog, but we're also informed enough to know that nobody can reasonably predict results in the midst of chaos.

That said, since we spent hours every day researching these issues, we've been able to glean certain potential trends by compiling info from a variety of sources.

Along those lines, here are some general Daily Sprawl predictions:

1. Until mid-November or so, expect generally positive news out of the financial markets. Some downs but also some big ups.

2. As the holiday season kicks in and it becomes apparent (not long after Thanksgiving) that consumers are buying less than usual, expect the financial markets to begin contracting.

3. After the first of the year, a variety of well-known retailers will go ahead. The Christmas season was just that bad.

4. By February, we'll know whether the various bailout/rescue efforts will hold. If so, spring may bring some glimmers of hope. Otherwise, we'll quickly devolve into a winter of massive problems. Note: there will be no in between. Things will either dramatically improve or dramatically worsen.

Are these very general? Sure, but they do offer some guidance. Daily Sprawl's plan is to continue investing in tangible assets and avoid the financial markets at almost any cost.

Stay tuned..