Monday, April 14, 2008

Prohibit Food Fuel...'s another instance of the problem with ethanol and other "food fuels":
Many believe that the food crisis is in its infancy and they worry about increasing food-based political instability worldwide.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said this week he's worried that ethanol production is pushing up food prices everywhere, and he called for an urgent review of the issue. Economist Dr. Hazell has said that filling an SUV tank once with ethanol consumes more maize than the typical African eats in a year...

...More profitable biofuel crops have now deprived the food chain of a large supply of corn and other crops, driving up the cost of corn-based food such as corn meal, tortillas, corn syrup and a hundred other crops and products which grace our tables at ever greater cost.
Let us again state this very clearly--in a world with a growing population, yet a finite amount of possible food production--using food (like corn) to create fuel is ridiculously short-sighted. Essentially, what it does is prioritize human transportation methods over human subsistence.

A grave miscalculation of the highest order.