Monday, November 5, 2007

Where We Live...

The Daily Sprawl family lives at The Waters--a traditional neighborhood development in the Town of Pike Road at the eastern edge of Montgomery County.

The neighborhood has a new website up and its full of real residents giving their thoughts on living there. In other words, no actors or actresses just real people.

Now, one question I often get is "isn't this type of greenfield just a smarter form of sprawl?" I think its based on the fact that the project was built from scratch in the countryside.

Granted, infill redevelopment is generally more sustainable than new construction. But, unlike most other greenfield developments, the master plan for The Waters calls for it to be essentially a small town by the time it is completed. An important point as almost all of today's most cherished communities actually themselves started out as "suburban" to a larger city (think: Old Town Alexandria, Virginia).

Plus, from our house, we can safely, legally, and conveniently walk to get a loaf of bread, gallon of milk, transact business at a bank, visit a dentist, and work out at a YMCA.

All of that without turning a single car key. Nice.

Anyhow, check the new website out at: